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Supplements Containing L-Carnitine

What is the benefit of L-carnitine for athletes and fitness seekers?

If you exercise, especially if you participate in endurance activities such as running, this supplement is beneficial for you. L-carnitine helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria, so L-carnitine may make exercise more efficient. When your body uses fat as an energy source through exercise or diets (which ultimately helps you burn fat and get fit or lose weight), a substance the body needs is carnitine.


What is the physiological role of L-carnitine in the body?

– The energy is produced in the intracellular organelles called mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy factories of our body. Most cells in the body have between 500 and 2000 mitochondria. But in the more active cells of the body, this number is higher. For example, heart cells have up to 5000 mitochondria in each cell. Glucose is used in mitochondria and produces energy. The result of intracellular reactions in this organelle is ATP production or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is used as a source of energy for various vital activities.

– Our body could use other substances like fats to produce energy. One role of L-carnitine is the ability to transport fat into the mitochondria for energy production.


Considering the physiological role of L-carnitine in the body, what is the advantage of L-carnitine use in athletes and fitness seekers?

– Due to the role of L-carnitine in the production of energy in the body, it helps increase endurance and burn fats as fuel. Unlike skeletal muscles, our heart muscles do not have glycogen stores to convert into glucose. But instead, the heart is interested in using fatty acids as a source of fuel and energy production. Fatty acids are obtained from the metabolism and breakdown of fats. L-carnitine is necessary for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria. As a result, L-carnitine is essential not only for athletes and fitness seekers but also for optimal heart health and function.

– L-carnitine is also able to reduce oxidative stress caused by exercise. Some studies have indicated that long-term use of L-carnitine for several weeks is beneficial. For example, in a study, athletes who did strength training used L-carnitine for 9 weeks. This group was compared with another group of athletes who performed the same exercises but received a placebo instead of L-carnitine. The result was that the muscle strength in working with heavier weights increased more in the group receiving L-carnitine. The final result obtained from this study was that L-carnitine supplementation improves athletic performance, and reduces blood lactate levels and oxidative stress caused by resistance exercise.


– In short, L-carnitine can have these beneficial effects in athletes:

  • Accelerate recovery after training
  • Improve oxygen supply to muscles
  • Increase the endurance of the body in training
  • Reduction of bruises and muscle pains
  • Help to build muscle


How do athletes use L-carnitine?

Depending on the purpose, L-carnitine may be used in different ways. Carnitine is best used about an hour before exercise to help burn fat and increase endurance and exercise power. L-carnitine is also used to accelerate recovery after exercise. L-carnitine is usually used in doses up to 1 to 3 grams per day. The absorption of L-carnitine is higher when taken on an empty stomach. But in case of digestive discomfort with L-carnitine, you can take it after meals.


Is there any other use for L-carnitine besides being used for athletes and helping burn fat?

– Due to the role of L-carnitine in the metabolism of body fats, some have suggested that L-carnitine could be helpful in hyperlipidemia (increased blood fat).

– L-carnitine is also effective in improving male fertility. L-carnitine may increase the number and motility of sperm in men because the energy needs of sperm are high. L-carnitine may be used alone or with other vitamins and minerals in supplements used in infertility.

– L-carnitine may improve diabetic neuropathy or prevent it. It is also advantageous in alleviating the heart failure and angina pectoris.

– L-carnitine NutriPad effervescent tablets in 500 and 1000 mg forms can meet the needs of this widely used supplement for athletes, fitness seekers and other people who need L-carnitine with unique quality and taste.