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Nutripad - manufacturer of medicinal supplements

Pod Jandishapour Company (under Nutripod pharmaceutical supplements brand) focuses on the production of solid oral pharmaceutical forms, including drugs and pharmaceutical supplements, and the import of emergency products to eliminate and prevent drug shortages in the country.

Quality is the main priority of Pad Jondishapour. Benefiting from efficient and expert human resources, using the best raw materials, full adherence to GMP principles, applying the optimal formulations in the manufacture of medicines and optimizing the packaging to offer products that can compete with world-renowned brands, are all points of interest of the company.

The supplements manufactured by Jundi Shapour are sold under the brand name Nutripad. These supplements are produced and supplied in the groups of supplements for skin, hair and nails, bones and joints, strengthening the immune system, supplements for the nervous system and muscles, and sports and bodybuilding supplements.

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