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Immune Health

The immune system is one of the most vital systems of our body. It is impossible to live without an efficient immune system. In addition to protecting the body from dangerous microorganisms, immune cells recognize and remove cancerous cells from our body. In other words, in all humans there may be cancerous cells which in most cases are recognized and destroyed by the immune system. For that reason, in recent years using vaccines which can enhance the performance of immune cells, for preventing some types of cancers have developed. The normal function of the immune system is dependent on providing the body with the appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Choosing suitable supplements can help to accomplish this goal. Vitamin C, zinc, Vitamin D and selenium play the most significant role with this respect.

Some people who are suffering birth defects related to immune system, they lack some immune cells. Moreover, some disease such HIV target the immune system, when these disease progress in the body they make the patient vulnerable to different infections, which usually do not impact on the people with normal immune system. Those patients are vulnerable to some types of cancers which usually infects people who have weak immune system. In addition, some patients have to use medicine which declines the performance of immune system. Furthermore, many people have weak immune system because their diet is not suitable and they don’t receive enough vitamins and nutrients. It has been proven that appropriate amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin D is essential for the performance of immune system.

Padjsc pharmaceutical group has produced different types of Vitamin C supplements such as; tablets, chewable tablets and effervescent with variety of flavors such as; orange, apple, kiwi and blueberry. Padjsc’s multivitamin and Vitamin C + zinc products are supportive for immune cells. Additionally, two products of Padjsc’s supplement directly contains Vitamin D which are; Calium + Vitamin D and Calcium + Vitamin D + Magnesium + Zinc. In general, those supplements would really improve the performance of the immune system.


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