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Can a patient with diabetes mellitus use glucosamine?

Question: Can a patient with diabetes mellitus use glucosamine?

Answer: Yes, a patient with diabetes can use glucosamine.

Although elevated blood sugar levels have been reported, available literature suggests that people with diabetes mellitus can safely use glucosamine. A recent meta-analysis report states: ‘…based on available evidence, we conclude that glucosamine has no effect on fasting blood glucose levels, glucose metabolism or insulin sensitivity at any oral dose level in healthy subjects, individuals with diabetes or those with impaired glucose tolerance. However, it is necessary to adjust and optimize the dose of antidiabetic drugs in patients with diabetes, while periodically controlling blood sugar and performing relevant tests under the supervision of a physician.

Question: Is it safe to use glucosamine in people with high blood pressure?

Answer: Yes, glucosamine appears to be safe for those taking anti-hypertensive medications.

Hypertensive patients who use supplements containing glucosamine as an alternative to NSAID drugs (drugs of the same family as ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.) for their joint problems, benefit from it. The reason is that NSAIDs reduce the effect of anti-hypertensive medications. NSAIDs could also increase the risk of thrombosis (clot formation) and, but glucosamine does not have these side effects.

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